Here you can find out everything about
the electronic document management system.

What does electronic document management mean?


An End To The Chaos Of Documents

Always quick access to information


Data Protection And Risk Of Loss

Protected against loss of data / information


Reduction Of Effort And Costs

By automating business processes

Quick access to information

Thanks to the integrated document search engine, documents can be found in no time.

Compliance with legal guide

The revision-proof long-term availability of the documents means that statutory retention periods are met at all times.

Security against loss of data

Due to the long-term availability of digitized documents, loss of information is a thing of the past.

The quality of the information is improved

By automatically indexing the scanned documents, the quality of the electronic information increases.

Reduction of effort & Costs

Through the optimization and automation of business processes, lead times are reduced.

Save space costs with an electronic archive

The digitization of your documents and the creation of an electronic archive save space costs.

Availability of information

Your information is available to you anytime, anywhere, on PCs, smartphones or tablets.

Interfaces to other systems

The information from the document management system is automatically transferred to other systems.

Take off with us.

Implement with us a document management solution that is tailored to the needs of your company. Together with your help, we analyze the business processes and the handling of documents in your company.

Installation and configuration

Based on the analysis from the first step, we configure a document management system (DMS) that is tailored to your company. After configuration, the DMS is implemented in your company’s IT infrastructure and interfaces to other systems are established. You will also receive training on DMS after we have introduced it.

Three steps to a document management system

Step 1 - contact us

Contact us to make an appointment for a free and non-binding initial consultation.

Step 2 - planning appointment

After the initial consultation has shown that an introduction makes sense, an appointment is made for an extensive analysis.

Step 3 - installation & configuration

The document management system is implemented and configured in your existing IT infrastructure.

Automated Inbox

We at Itolia automate your inbox and the archiving of outgoing documents. Documents received by you in the company via the various channels are digitized using a scanner if necessary and automatically imported into the DocuWare document management system. The documents end up in the digital letter basket and can be processed from there. The most important data of the document are read out via the integrated intelligent software so that the filing process is made much easier. For an invoice, this can be, for example, the following data: biller, invoice date, invoice number, invoice address, invoice amount, etc.

Archiving emails

We offer the so-called „Connect to Outlook“ interface for e-mails and documents that are received by e-mail. This interface is integrated in Outlook to store emails and their attachments directly from Outlook in the document management system. Here you have the option of automatically archiving the document from Outlook or moving it to a digital letter basket and then archiving the document from the letter basket. For customers who do not use Outlook, there is the so-called „Connect to Mail“ interface which enables the connection of other mail systems.


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